LIREGUS MD1 J black surface-mounted box

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More info

IP2x category series of installation boxes, designed for concealed installation in brick walls inside residential and industrial buildings;

Complies with German DIN 49073, flammability class up to >650°C, based on standard VDE 0471/DIN IEC 695 part 2-1. Plastic - ABS;

Equipped with convenient for mounting 2 pcs. wood screws 3x16 DIN7982C,Pz2 (hidden conical head);

The boxes firmly connect by snapping, both on top and at the bottom of the box (2 fixators, 1 connection module);

Strictly controlled connection dimension 71mm.

Depth of MD-1 and MD-2 installation boxes:

  1. For a shallow (thin) wall, choose a small/shallow 47.1mm box (MD-1);
  2. For a thicker wall or when installing more cables or electronic devices, choose a deeper 62.5mm box (MD-2);
  3. After plastering the wall, and later gluing the tiles, it is possible to elevate (12mm.) the installation box with an elevation (MDP-12).

Boxes can be connected horizontally or vertically, even with different depths;

  • Suitable for devices with a center-to-center distance of 70 mm;
  • Both vertical and horizontal installation frames can be used;
  • The boxes connect using snap-locks;
  • The boxes are flame-resistant, thus protecting against the risk of fire that can be caused by a short circuit (tested using a wire heated up to 650°C);
  • Sturdy enough to withstand the installation process in brick walls without breaking;
  • Extensive tests have shown that they retain their shape and all functions at temperatures from +60°C to -25°C;
  • We recommend drilling with an 82mm diamond drill bit);

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Product features

Color black
Dimensions (W x H x D) 66.3 x 78 x 47.1 mm
Material ABS plastikas
Temperature -25 °C iki +60 °C