Message from the Director

Dear clients, employees, shareholders,

UAB "Elstila" started its operations in 1994. The decision to work with quality, safety, and reliability over 27 years ago shaped the company's goals and objectives. The rapidly changing technological environment urged us to stay ahead. Taking responsibility, we aimed for the best results and strived to be at the forefront. Since the inception of our activities, the company has invested in technologically advanced solutions and employee qualifications, positioning itself as one of the leading suppliers of electrical products in Lithuania. The growth of our activities demonstrates our presence in the Lithuanian electrical business market, with ambitious goals set 27 years ago now being standard practice. From 2013 to 2019, the company received awards such as "Gazelle" and was recognized as one of the most successful and fastest-growing companies in Lithuania. For the performance results of 2015-2019, it received a significant accolade, "Strongest Leaders in Lithuania 2015-2019". These prestigious awards oblige us to strive for even more effective collaboration with our clients and continue to foster an internal culture based on open communication and sharing of experience and knowledge.

I am pleased with the company's achievements but also encourage further improvement. The rapidly changing market conditions pose a strategic challenge requiring significant investments and exceptional knowledge and skills. Today, it is not enough to offer products that are better or cheaper than competitors. Today, we must react more quickly to market changes and innovate.

One of the company's main priorities is innovation as a basis for business development. Therefore, we focus on those business partners - manufacturers who pay special attention to scientific research and experimental development in renewable energy and technologically advanced electrical products. UAB "Elstila" offers its customers a quality assortment that meets their expectations, with more than 10,000 product names constantly updated and expanded. Customers trust the company and value us as an experienced and reliable enterprise. Implementing innovations, the company's economic growth can only be ensured by properly qualified employees and their understanding of how each of their jobs contributes to sustainable performance results. Our employees constantly improve their knowledge and skills, embrace innovations, engage in company initiatives, help the company adapt to the changing environment, and remain competitive.

We all have a clear vision of the company's activities. Our priority remains high-quality goods and services. We are a reliable partner for our customers in all innovative electrical engineering projects. Our main and time-tested values - quality, safety, reliability - remain unchanged. While pursuing our goals and realizing our professional ambitions, we do not forget our fundamental values; we develop company traditions and shape an organizational culture based on each employee's responsibility, competence, initiative, information dissemination, and quality.

Let's build the future together

Egidijus Žemaitaitis

General Director of UAB "Elstila"