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JSC “ELSTILA” specializes in the fields of supplying wires, cables, electricity distribution panels, automatic switchers, current discharge relays, contactors, chandeliers and street illumination lamps and lamps.

JSC “ELSTILA” was established in 1994 in Kaunas. A beginning of the activity – retail business shop in Kaunas which sold Lithuanian and Russian electric goods. Already in 1995 branches were established in the largest towns of Lithuania: Vilnius and Klaipeda. Despite of strong competition, volume of trade is increasing. With the rising circulation and expanding range of goods, a necessity to expand shop premises arises as well. In 1997 new premises for storage was opened in Klaipeda. In 1999 in Kaunas technical information center is opened. In 2002 in Kaunas the Company’s administration and technical office moved to new premises, new storage premises are established. In the same year shop premises in Vilnius and Klaipeda were renewed and expanded. In 2007 in Klaipeda a new office of 1000 m2 and warehouses were opened. In 2011 Vilnius branch office and shop premises will move to new commodious premises. In 2018 a new logistic center opened the door in Kaunas.

The activity of the Company – wholesale and retail trade of electrotechnic production. The Company specializes in the field of supplying wires, cables, electricity distribution panels, automatic switchers, current discharge relays, contactors, chandeliers and street illumination lamps and lamps. The aim of the Company – to maintain present positions in the market, to improve competitionability, to for seek constant development of business and markets and for sufficient profitability and to be among the most reliable suppliers of electrotechnic production in Lithuania. ELSTILA is an official agent of foreign companies EATON, NOARK, PHILIPS, NKT CABLES, ERKO, ELEKTRO-PLAST, TELE-FONIKA, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, EFEN, JUNG, PRAKAB, BITNER, ZAMEL, SEZ, OBO-BETTERMANN, INDEL, MINBUD, HENSEL, ES-SYSTEM WILKASY, SCAME, BAKS, BEMKO which are famous for high quality and reliability. Old cooperation traditions relate the Company with manufacturers of electrotechnic production that successfully develop their activity in Lithuania. The heads of the Company, who have long experience in installing and supplying electrotechnic products, are always interested in the newest achievements in electrotechnics, participate in exhibitions in Lithuania and other European countries. New potential manufacturers-suppliers of electrotechnic production are being looked for.

During fourteen years of the Company’s existence, a team having high intellect and long experience in the field of installing and supplying electrotechnic products was created. At the moment 62 employees work in the Company. A core of the Company is made of diplomead specialists of electrotechnics who are always ready to provide the newest information about modern electrotechnic products and their application, who have practical skills and always deepen their knowledge about electrotechnics in seminars and technical trainings organized by foreign companies. ELSTILA invests into the future by sponsoring students’ funds, participates in yearly “Karjeros dienos” events organized by KTU.

ELSTILA successfully expand its activity. In all its activities – both presenting and selling products – a quality idea is followed, the Company invests into trust of the buyers. At the moment the Company has about 5 thousand permanent buyers among who there are majority of large companies which successfully established themselves in Lithuanian market: JSC “ELEKTROS DARBAI”, JSC “ELECTRIC BOX”, JSC “ELGA” JSC “NEILUVA”, JSC “ELTECHA’, JSC “ELMONTA”, JSC “ARMETLINA”, JSC “ELEKTROMONTUOTOJAS”, SC “RYTU SKIRSTOMIEJI TINKLAI, SC “VST”, JSC “AXIS INDUSTRIES”, JSC "LITNESTA, JSC "VOLTAS", JSC "EMD TECHNOLOGIJOS", JSC "NRG SITE", JSC "ELEKTRIFIKACIJOS PASLAUGOS", JSC "ĮTAMPA", JSC "ELVARADAS", JSC "HIDROSTATYBA", JSC “ERKETA’, JSC “JEGOS LINIJA”. ELSTILA cooperates with projectors, establish conditions for its clients to familiarize with the newest electrotechnic production: constantly organizes seminars in Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda, trips-seminars to factories of foreign suppliers-manufacturers in order to familiarize with the newest manufacturing technologies, visits exhibitions in other European countries. Since 2001 ELSTILA is a member of National Electric Technique Business Association (NETA).

ELSTILA goods – a perfect combination of quality and price. Thus we suggest trying electrotechnic products presented by ELSTILA. Because it’s your style.


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