ETI KZS-2M2p Residual current circuit breaker with integral overcurrent protection and indication

Reference: eti-kzs-2m2p
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Easy and clear identification of the device status: a LED signalisation enables an exact information on which type of fault caused the tripping (red light for overload / short circuit, yellow light for residual current and green for manual operation) a Indication of internal contact position for quick and exact identification of the states of contacts (green for open contacts, red for closed contacts.

Complete protection in a single 2-module device: a KZSs combine the features of miniature circuit breakers and residual current circuit breakers a Increased immunity against unwanted tripping due to surge currents, generated by lightning or other disturbances a Energy limiting class 3: highest energy limiting performance for optimal protection of cable insulation and maximally reducing risk of fire and other damage.

Easy and clean installation: The terminals enable connection through either cables or busbars, making the wiring operations easier and decreasing the number of cables, thus minimizing the required size of the distribution board.

Type A protection: All KZS EDIs are sensitive to pure sinus residual current and pulsating direct current, making them suitable for installations with electronic devices (modern appliances, such as computers, washing machines etc.) Tested to endure temperatures down to -250 C Tripping characteristic B and C Rated short-circuit capacity 10 kA with 100 A / gG back-up fuse High stability of actual tripping residual current.

Typical applications Used primarily in circuits with an increased requirements regarding touch voltage: a Circuits of portable appliances and temporary set-ups (event halls, theatres, operas, stage technology), a in kindergartens and schools, a in hospitals a in swimming pools and saunas, a in marinas, in distribution cabinets on piers and pontoons, a Electronic equipment on construction sites, a Test set-ups in laboratories, a Electrical installations in agriculture, a Electrical installations with increased fire hazard (wood processing, spinning mills etc.), a Industry, a Mobile homes, a in other residential and commercial installations (banks, offices etc.).

Product features

Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Size 2 moduliai
Breaking capacity 10 kA
Disconnection characteristic C
Number of poles 2 P
Type A klasė