NOARK Ex9BL-N 1P+N Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection

Reference: noark-ex9bl
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Modular combined residual current devices with overload protection, disconnection capacity of 10 kA (Ex9BL-H series) or 6 kA (Ex9BL-N series). The devices comply with the IEC / EN 61009 standard requirements. These protective devices are intended for use in households and industry. They require 50% less space than would be needed using separate residual current and circuit breaker devices.

The Ex9BL series features a nominal current from 6 to 40 A, as well as B and C disconnection characteristics. The device parameters depend on the nominal 30, 100 and 300 mA residual current and AC and A sensitivity. Due to the 10 kA (-H) and 6 kA (-N) disconnection capacity, they are intended for use in all areas, including the most complex ones.

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Product features

Rated current iki 40 A (30mA)
Mounting DIN 35 mm
Size 2 modulių
Breaking capacity 6 kA
Disconnection characteristic C
Number of poles 1P+N