COMFORT HEAT Comfort ECO Thermostat

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Manufacturer Comfort Heat (Europos Sąjunga)
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The new Comfort ECO thermostat is designed to conserve the environment while ensuring long-term heating comfort. It features a timer and pre-programmed heating modes for automatic temperature reduction. It's an excellent choice when purchasing a new thermostat or replacing an old one.

The Comfort ECO electronic thermostat is installed in a standard flush-mounting box. The thermostat ensures comfort, warms up cold tiles in the spring, and protects wooden floors from overheating.
The Comfort ECO thermostat has a built-in timer for automatic temperature reduction at night and the ability to activate night-time temperature reduction or frost protection via an external input. The temperature scale ranges from 0 to 40 ° C. The Comfort ECO thermostat comes with pre-programmed heating modes suitable for most homes.

• Modern design
• User-friendly / intuitive menu
• Easy installation
• Energy-saving

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Product features

Degree of protection IP 21
Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Dimensions 84 x 84 x 20 mm
Warranty 36 mėn.
Power reg. 3600 W (maks.)