NOARK Ex9R Overload Protection

Reference: noark-ex9r
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More info

The thermal motor protection relays Ex9R are designed for motor protection against overload. They can be used separately with the AD5 adapter or in combination with the Ex9CS mini contactors or Ex9C contactors. There is an option to set the thermal current. The devices are designed for disconnection class 10A, as a three-phase with one on and one off contacts. The size 12 relay can be combined with Ex9CS mini contactors (Ex9CS06, Ex9CS09, Ex9CS12). When installing, you can use the AD51 adapter, which allows you to connect conductors to both sides of the device, and also to mount separately. Similarly, size 38 is intended for 18 and 38 standard size contactors Ex9C (a plastic spacer part is required). The AD52 adapter serves for separate use. The Ex9R100 type can be combined with 65 and 100 standard size contactors (with a spacer part) and the AD53 adapter.

Product features

Rated current iki 100 A
Mounting ant Ex9C(S) kontaktorių
Size 12
Number of poles 3P