ES-SYSTEM OSM-100 LED 185 HF RED Signaling Luminaire

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More info

The luminaire is designed to be mounted on objects as a permanent night light signal, necessary for ensuring air traffic safety.
The photometric parameters of the luminaire comply with ICAO international requirements ("B" type low-intensity obstacle lamps).
The lamp uses a set of four red light-emitting diodes, characterized by low energy consumption and very high durability - the light flux decreases by 30% only after 50 thousand lighting hours. The diode set is powered by a special electronic system that stabilizes the diode current, ensuring a constant light flux and color.
The power system uses additional overvoltage protection. The housing, locks, and mounting details are made of stainless steel, and the diffuser is made of red polycarbonate. The materials used guarantee the long-term durability of the luminaire under the most unfavorable weather conditions.
Universal luminaire mounting: to a flat surface or to a pipe with a diameter no larger than 44 mm.
The luminaire power is connected through an insulating bushing with a round cable, the outer diameter of which is 7÷11 mm.

Product features

Degree of protection IP 55
Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Shade raudonas
Power 4 W
Dimensions 230 x 280 mm
Light flux 185 lm