NKT CABLES HDXS Dca Halogen-free Copper Cable

Reference: nkt-hdxs
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Manufacturer NKT cables (Lenkija)
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More info

Cables are used for the installation of stationary electrical distribution and lighting when it is necessary to have low smoke density and toxic acid gas emission in the event of a fire in the electrical installation, in order to avoid potential threats to human life and equipment. HDXS Dca class cables are intended for use on plaster, and under plaster, brick or concrete. Cables
should not be used where there is vibration and compacted concrete. Use
outdoors is only possible when the wire is protected from direct sunlight.

Product features

Nominal voltage 300/500 V
Isolation Specialus behalogeninis polimerinis mišinys
Max. operating temperature +90° C
Insulation color balta