OBO BETTERMANN UTP DTG-2C RW1 45mm 2xRJ45 flat cover

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Data transmission socket holder with straight output, equipped with a protective cover, designed for the installation of two data transmission connection modules with an RJ45 socket. The mounting with fixed elements is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation in the system environment. The type C device has a mounting hole of 19.30 x 14.80 mm and is designed to directly attach connection modules in the mounting hole.

Type C data transmission socket is suitable for securing other data transmission sockets: BTR (Keystone construction): 6A cat. module and UAE module; Corning: modules that can be connected to Keystone; CobiNet: CobiDat KS module; Dätwyler: KS-T, KS-TS, MS-K and KU-T; EKU: E-Stone; Harting: Prelink Keystone Cat.6A, Fixlink Keystone Cat.6A; Komos: KDM 500 module; Leoni Kerpen: MegaLine Connect45 Keystone Cat.45A inlet modules; OBO: Type ASM-C6A and ASM-C6A G; R&M: 6A cat. with Keystone mounting; Rutenbeck: UM and UMflex; SETEC: UKJ and XKJ; Telegärtner:AMJ and UMJ.

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Color balta (RAL 9010)