BEMKO panel 30W BACKLIGHT SUPERIOR BLS UGR19 IP44 60x60 LED luminaire

Reference: P028797
Code: C72-BLS-066-300-4K-WH-U19
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Manufacturer Bemko
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The higher the UGR number, the greater the glare of the luminaire and the greater the discomfort for office workers. Reflections can cause health and other problems, such as headaches, migraines, and vision problems. A luminaire alone cannot be compatible with UGR19, as it is not a feature of the luminaire, but a measure of its effectiveness in physical space. Luminaires can be manufactured to reduce reflections, and these low-reflection luminaires help ensure lighting that meets UGR19 requirements.

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Product features

Degree of protection IP 44
Color rendering index 80
Service life 50 000 val.
Color temperature 4000 K (šaltai balta)
Nominal voltage 230 V AC
Color balta (RAL 9003)
Power 30 W
Dimensions 595 x 595 x 35 mm
Light angle 90°
Light flux 4000 lm
Operating temperature -10° C iki +45° C