EFEN NHM Fuse Bases

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  • High-performance NH fuse-bases designed for secure and efficient electrical distribution
  • Supports a wide range of fuse sizes and amperages
  • Compatible with various mounting systems including base-plate, DIN rail, and 60 mm busbar
  • Ensures high breaking capacity and reliable operation in both AC and DC systems


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The EFEN NHM series fuse bases are engineered to facilitate the secure and efficient integration of NH fuse-links into electrical distribution systems. These bases are designed to support a wide range of fuse sizes (00 to 3) and amperages (125A to 630A), making them highly versatile for different applications. They are compatible with various mounting systems, including base-plate, DIN rail, and 60 mm busbar, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

EFEN NHM fuse bases are built to handle high breaking capacities, exceeding 100 kA, which provides robust protection against short circuits in low voltage systems. These fuse bases are suitable for use with both AC and DC operation voltages, ensuring reliable performance across different electrical environments. The design incorporates features like multiple connection options, terminal covers, and accessories to enhance safety and functionality.

Technical Specifications:

  • Fuse Type: NH (Niederspannungs-Hochleistungs-Sicherung)
  • Sizes Supported: 00, 1, 2, 3
  • Rated Current: 125A to 630A
  • Rated Voltage: Up to 1500V AC
  • Breaking Capacity: > 100 kA
  • Mounting Options: Base-plate, DIN rail, 60 mm busbar
  • Standards Compliance: IEC 60269, VDE 0636

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